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Nano Mister

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About the Product

Slim and sleek, this nano mister quickly and effectively cures (hardens) the eyelash extension adhesive while re-hydrating your client’s lashes and the eye area.

The nano mister was designed to speed up the adhesive curing process. The nano mister sprays very small water droplets to help this reaction happen evenly throughout the lashes. We recommend that you use the nano mister on your clients throughout the lash application process. This helps eliminate any burning sensation and irritation that may take place during the appointment or afterward. 

Rechargeable USB.

How to Use

Use the small bottle to fill the nano mister with distilled water. 

Hold the nano mister 12 inches from the face. Turn on the nano mister and slowly wave the mist back and forth evenly to both eyes for 30 seconds.

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