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Volume & Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Online Course
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What's in the kit

Volume and Hybrid Professional Kit

(enough lash product for 30 clients)

($221 Value)

• Pro Volume Eyelash Extension Adhesive

• Diamond Grip Tweezers – Volume 90 Degree

• Diamond Grip Tweezers – Strong Curve

• Glue Rings

• Lash Tray: C Curl, Mix Lengths, 0.07 Diameter

• Lash Tray: D Curl, Mix Lengths, 0.10 Diameter

• Paper Tape

• Under Eye Gel Pads

• Mascara Wands

• Volume Fanning Squares (Bounce Pads)

• Mannequin Head (Free!)

• Practice Lash Strips (Free!)

If you also purchase the Classic Eyelash Extensions Course with a kit in the same order, only one mannequin head, one gel remover, and one double-sided tape will be shipped. The mannequin head is not shown in the product image but does come in the kit.

Course Content

Volume Eyelash Extensions Theory

• Classic vs. Volume Lash Extensions
• Volume vs. Cluster Lashes
• Volume vs. Hybrid Lash Extensions
• Pro-Made vs. Pre-Made Volume Fans
• Health & Safety 
• Creating Density Without Damage
• Volume Fan Weight Calculation
• Wide Fans vs. Narrow Fans
• 2D-7D Volume Fans

Advanced Lash Styling

• Hybrid Lashes
• Wet Lash Look
• Wispy Volume Look
• Flawless Edge Look (Perfect Line)
• Feathered Edge Look

Fanning Technique Practice

• Wiggle
• Side Pick 
• Bounce Pad (Volume Square)
• Rolling
• Pick Up and Place
• Pinching

Mannequin Head Practice

• Applying 2D-7D Fans
• Lash Wrapping
• Applying Pro-Made Fans
• Hybrid Lashes
• How to Correct Common Issues

Step by Step Procedure for Volume (model)

• Consultation
• Taping Techniques
• Lash Mapping and Styling
• Isolation Techniques
• Application Techniques
• Techniques for Easy Application
• Correcting Common Issues
• Balancing the Eyes
• After Care 
• How to Perform an Infill

Step by Step Procedure for Hybrid

• Step by Step Guide
• Video Demonstration

Extension Removal

• Full Removal (With Remover)
• Partial Removal (Without Remover)


• Photography
• Marketing
• Pricing
• Insurance
• Equipment
• BONUS: Over 70 Instagram Lash Templates

Troubleshooting Common Issues

• Retention Issues
• Taping Tricks
• Adhesive and Humidity


How Often Should I Re-Book Clients for Infills on Hybrid / Volume Lashes?

Maintaining your hybrid/volume lash look can be a bit of a juggling act. Depending on the products used, the natural growth cycle of your lashes, and your lash shedding habits, you may need to re-book every 2-3 weeks to keep your lash line looking full and fabulous.
Everyone sheds around 1-5 lashes daily, but some people shed more than others. If you constantly have to wipe away loose lashes or notice bald spots in your lash line, you may need to schedule infills more frequently.

How Should My Client Take Care of Their Lashes?

  • Don't pick at them. This can weaken and cause them to fall out, resulting in bald patches along the lash line. An infill will be necessary to restore.

  • Brush your eyelashes daily. Using a clean mascara wand, brush your lash extensions every morning and night to keep them looking neat and prevent them from twisting and tangling.

  • Sleep on your back. This can take getting used to, but it will prevent your lashes from shedding prematurely and they can get caught or stuck on the fibres of your pillow.

  • Cleanse your lashes daily with a lash cleanser and gentle brush to remove any debris or build-up that could lead to infection. Oils from the eyelids can weaken the adhesive bonds causing the lash extensions to pop off early. Provide your clients with lash cleanser and a soft eyeshadow brush either for included in the price of the service or for an additional charge.

What Clients Are Not Suitable for Eyelash Extensions?

  • While a majority of people can enjoy eyelash extensions, few cannot.
  • Those who are pregnant
  • Have experienced allergic reactions to lash extensions in the past
  • Have large gaps in their lash line
  • Have a tendency to pick or rub their lashes
  • Has an eye infection
  • Has blepharitis
  • Had laser eye surgery within the last 2 months
  • Had eye-lift surgery within the previous 4 months

    If you have a medical-related eye condition, speak with your doctor before booking an eyelash extension appointment.

Can Clients Swim or Shower After the Procedure?

One of the outdated rules is that you cannot get your lash extensions wet for the first 24 hours after an appointment. The reason why this was is because the adhesive needed time to cure and any moisture would cause the adhesive to “shock-cure” and cause lash extensions to pop off the natural lashes. With the introduction of the nano-mister, your client no longer has to worry about not getting them wet after an appointment. The nano-mister is used throughout and at the end of an appointment to cure the adhesive in a slow, controlled manner. Another benefit of using the nano-mister is it eliminates fumes given off from the adhesive after an appointment, reducing irritation. In fact, if you use a nano-mister in your appointment, you can give your clients a lash bath at the end of the service.

There are a few additional things to keep in mind. First, avoid using oil-based products around your eyes, as they can break down the adhesive. Second, be gentle when cleaning your face and eyes, as rubbing or scrubbing too hard can cause your lashes to fall out prematurely. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy beautiful lashes for weeks at a time.

A closer look at the Volume & Hybrid Eyelash Extensions course.

Course Length

14 hours total
• Theory: 2 hour
• Hands-on: 12 hours

Get Certified

Through on-demand videos, before and after submissions and theory quizzes, our online courses award you a certificate so you can pursue your dream of becoming an accredited lash artist.

• Internationally recognized
• Electronic certificate (PDF)

Video-Based Learning

• On-demand
• Lifetime access
• Designed for a busy lifestyle to fit neatly into any schedule
• Thorough and detailed
• Hands-on and not too long
• Search for words and phrases in the videos

Instructor Support

• Email Support
• Help when you need it
• Feedback when you want it

Accredited College

• North American Private Career College
• Regulated by the Ministry of Education
• Over a decade in the industry
• Thousands trained
• Three campuses
• Over 50 faculty members


• English and Français Subtitles

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Customer Reviews

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jersi pennix


Hello Jersi, we're so sorry you've had a less than exceptional experience with your course. I'll be reaching out to you shortly to see what we can do to to turn around your experience. - Melissa | International Beauty Institute

Kerry Dicaire
Entirely Worth it!!

This course was fantastic!! From the quality of the videos to the step by step instruction, it was very educational and easy to follow. With life time assistance.and recognized certificate, your own pace!!!!
Well worth the time, energy and money. I highly recommend it to other beauty enthusiasts.

Wow thank you so much for the glowing review! We're so glad you enjoyed your course and found it educational and easy to follow. If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to reach out! You have lifetime access to our instructors too :) - Melissa | International Beauty Institute

Kathleen Sampson

Love the courses

Hi Kathleen! We're so glad you enjoyed your courses with us and we truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. If there's anything we can do to help you now or in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to our expert instructors. They're always eager to help! - Melissa | International Beauty Institute

Sarah L.
Amazing courses.

Amazing courses.

Excellent, exceptional, prompt customer service. Friendly and accommodating support staff. 100% r...

Excellent customer support service! Shout out to Melissa! I just registered for Volume Eyelash online course early this week, I received the kit 3 days after registration. I was expecting to receive it closer to 9 business days!!! I was surprised how fast it came to me. I also misspelled my email add upon registration. Confirmation of registration and tracking number for the kit would have been sent to the wrong email. I reached out to IBI support team. I sincerely appreciate their prompt action to fix the error. Truly and exceptionally amazing! Doesn't happen all the time in an online training. This makes me believe that I am in good hands/school ;-) I have started working on the theory and can't wait to get my hands on the kit and eventually apply my skills to clients.

Hi Emmy! We're so glad you enjoyed your course and were happy with the level of support you received! If there's anything more we can so to help you succeed, please don't hesitate to let us know. Always happy to help! - Melissa | International Beauty Institute