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Lashcat Lash & Brow Perm Adhesive

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About the Product

The Lashcat Lash & Brow Perm Adhesive is water soluble, fast drying, and super strong. 

Can be used in lash lifts and brow lamination. 


D/W, AMP-Acrylates Copolymer, Ethyl Alcohol

How to Use

For Eye Shields

Apply a thin coating to the back of the eye shield. Wait 10-30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. Adhere the shield to the eyelid and hold for 60 seconds.

For Lifting Lashes

Apply a small section of adhesive to the upper half of where the lashes sit (not where the bases of the lashes lie). Lift and press the lashes up tightly with a lash tool or doe foot applicator. Straighten lashes in that section before moving to another section. Repeat for the remaining lashes.

For Brow Lamination

After the relaxing lotion has been removed and during the styling portion of the treatment, use a small amount of adhesive to tame any unruly hairs. Note, if many of the hairs are unruly after applying Step 1: Relax, you may need to apply the relaxing/lifting lotion on for longer.

To Remove for Lash Lift

After applying Lashcat's Step 3: Keratin lotion, wait 5 minutes. The lashes should easily come free from the silicone eye shield. To remove the eye shield from the lid, use a damp but not wet cotton swab to roll behind the shield until it comes free. Use a damp but not wet cotton swab to remove excess glue from the eyelid. Do not get the lashes wet. Brush the lashes with a mascara wand to separate and remove any excess glue.

To Remove for Brow Lamination

After applying Lashcat's Step 3: Keratin lotion, wait 5 minutes. Comb through the brows with a mascara wand, The leftover glue should come off easily when brushing.

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