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About the Product

This gel-based remover is used to remove unwanted lash extensions or lash adhesive. It has low fumes and comes in a clear formulation.

• Low fumes
• Clear formulation
• 15mL


H2O, Polyethylene Glycol

How to Use

CAUTION: For external use only. If product comes into direct contact with eyes, flush out with water or saline solution for 10 minutes and seek medical attention. Avoid applying directly on the skin. Skin irritation can occur. If remover is not thoroughly cleaned after use, serious irritation or eye injury can occur. Only used for removing eyelash extensions. Discontinue use and remove immediately if itching or a rash occurs. Keep it out of reach of children. Keep away from open flames.

Step 1
Apply Under Eye Gel Pads.

Step 2
With the clients eyes closed, apply gel remover to the bases of the eyelash extensions you wish to remove with an applicator, ensuring the attachment points are fully saturated. Wait 5-10 minutes for the lash extension adhesive to dissolve.

Step 3
Brush the lash extensions off with a mascara wand or an applicator. If many lash extensions remain, then the attachment points were not saturated with enough remover, and you must repeat Steps 1 & 2. If only a few lash extensions remain, apply a small amount of remover with a microwand to the lash extensions bases and wait another 3-5 minutes for the lash adhesive to dissolve. 

Step 4
Remove excess gel remover with dry applicators or a dry tissue. Cleanse the lashes twice thoroughly with a lash cleanser such as Lashcat Lash Bath. If any gel remover remains it can cause the eye to become irritated. If any gel remover remains then lash extensions will not adhere or last if performing a lash extension service directly after removal.


Store in a cool, dry place. Do not freeze. Store away from sunlight. Keep away from open flames.

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