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Course Description

We're excited to offer you a comprehensive course that covers both Basic and Advanced Facials, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to deliver top-notch treatments. After completing this course, you'll be well-prepared to charge between $60 and $150 per facial, reflecting your expertise and qualifications.

Course Length: 8 hours

Course Highlights:

Basic Facials: In this foundational segment, you'll dive deep into the fundamentals of skincare. We'll cover skin analysis, effective techniques for cleansing, exfoliation, masking, and the therapeutic art of facial massage. You'll graduate with the ability to provide revitalizing and refreshing facial experiences that clients will cherish.

Advanced Facials: Taking your skills to the next level, we'll explore specialized treatments and advanced techniques, such as high frequency, ultrasonic extractions, traditional extractions and using tools, LED light therapy, hot stone massage, men's facials, back facials, facial massage, scalp massage and more. These advanced methods empower you to address specific concerns, from acne and aging to pigmentation and hydration.

Who Can Benefit:

Our course caters to individuals who are passionate about skincare and eager to build a fulfilling career. Whether you're new to the world of skincare or an experienced professional looking to broaden your expertise, this program is tailored to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Understanding:Our curriculum places an emphasis on the intricacies of skin anatomy, ensuring students possess a profound comprehension of the skin's structure and function, thus facilitating the provision of informed and effective treatments.

Product Knowledge: Aspiring professionals will immerse themselves in an extensive range of skincare products, mastering the art of product selection for various skin types and concerns.

Hands-On Expertise: The practical application of acquired knowledge is a core component of our program. We provide a comprehensive, hands-on training experience to instill confidence in the provision of exceptional facials.

Client Consultation Mastery: Students will become adept at the art of client assessment and consultation, ensuring that each facial experience is bespoke to individual needs.

Accreditation: Upon successful completion of the course, students will be issued an internationally recognized certificate. Please note each region may have different regulations and licensing laws. Reach out to us if you have questions about if this certificate will be valid in your region.

Why Choose International Beauty Institute:

We take great pride in our institution's history and the accolades we have garnered. Notably, we were honored as the "2023 Aesthetics Academy of the Year in the GTA" by the esteemed Top Choice Awards. Additionally, our excellence was recognized with the title of "2019 Training Academy of the Year" by the Ontario Hair & Beauty Awards.


To make your educational journey even more accessible, consider our course bundles. When you enroll in two courses, you'll enjoy a 15% discount. Opt for three courses and receive an additional 25% off, making your path to skincare expertise even more cost-effective.

Product & Equipment Recommendations

Getting started in skin care is relatively easy and if you're a skincare enthusiast you likely already have all the skincare products you need at home. View our Product and Equipment recommendations list below to see what you need to start your career or grow your business with facials and skin care:

Product and Equipment Checklist

Course Content

Skin Care Theory

• History of Skincare and Cosmetics
• Professionalism & Career Opportunities
• Practices for Infection Control
• Skin Types & Skin Conditions
• Client Consultations & Skin Analysis
• Physiology & Histology of The Skin
• Free Radicals, Antioxidants & Sun Care
• Skin Disorders & Diseases
• General Anatomy & Physiology
• Chemistry & Product Ingredients
• Basics of Electricity
• Nutrition Fundamentals
• Treatment Specialties
• Skincare Products & Protocols

Video Demonstrations

• Basic Facial
• Advanced Facial
• Extractions
• Men's Facial
• Back Facial

Live Model Practice

• Perform a Basic Facial on a live model
You may include Advanced Facial steps if you wish, however it is not mandatory 


• Planning & Registering Your Business
• Marketing Your Business
• Insurance
• Pricing


How Long is a Facial Treatment?

A basic facial appointment usually takes around 45 minutes; however, an advanced facial can take up to 90 minutes and you can charge more for the upgraded service.

How Often Should I Schedule My Clients for Facials?

The frequency of facial treatments can vary depending on the individual's needs, but most experts recommend receiving the treatment once every 4 weeks to achieve optimum benefits. 

What Clients Should You Avoid Doing Facials For?

One of the many benefits of facials is that it is safe for all skin types. However, there are a few clients you should avoid facials for:

- Avoid clients who are undergoing cancer treatments. It is possible for this type of individual to have a facial done, but there is specialty training and products to be used and they should seek out a facialist who is trained to work with cancer patients.

- Avoid clients who have active cold sores or warts around the mouth or an infectious disease of any kind. Facials can cause the virus to spread and make the situation worse.

Following these simple guidelines can provide a safe and effective service for all your clients.

Who are the Best Facial Clients?

Facials can be performed on all skin types, but it is particularly beneficial for clients with dull, dry skin or those struggling with congestion. Men can also benefit from facials, and if the beard hair is see through, you can work directly on top of it. If the hair is thick and not see through, then you would perform a facial around the hair.

A closer look at the Skin Care and Facials course.

Course Length

8 hours total
• Theory: 6 hours
• Hands-on: 2 hours

Get Certified

Through on-demand videos, before and after submissions and theory quizzes, our online courses award you a certificate so you can pursue your dream of becoming an accredited dermaplaning technician.

• Internationally recognized
• Electronic certificate (PDF)

Video and Text-Based Learning

• On-demand
• Lifetime access
• Designed for a busy lifestyle to fit neatly into any schedule
• Thorough and detailed
• Hands-on and not too long

Instructor Support

• Email Support
• Help when you need it
• Feedback when you want it

Accredited College

• North American Private Career College
• Regulated by the Ministry of Education
• Over a decade in the industry
• Thousands trained
• Three campuses
• Over 50 faculty members

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Darnise Manning
Body contouring

Love the courses continuing to learn new and exciting things about the body and skin.


I looked at many different options and glad that I landed on this course. Great quality and content, going to take the laser one next!

Olive Martinez

Loved the in-depth focus on different skin conditions. Equipped me to better advise clients and offer tailored treatments.

Maria Gonzalez

The course's flexibility allowed me to learn at my own pace.

Alex J
Quality Training

Impressed with the quality of training for an online course. Customer service and instructor support were top-notch.