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Dermaplaning Online Course
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What's in the kit

Dermaplaning Basic Kit

($70 Value)

5x 10R Dermaplaning Blades
1x Reusable Dermaplaning Handle
1x Dermo28 Sampler Sachet Package: Aqua Line* (for all skin types and anti-aging)
    • Cleanser: Hydrolatte
    • Toner: Hydrotonic
    • Mask: Vital Mask
    • Serum: Rejuvenating Complex
    • Moisturizer: Crema Soffice
    • Eye Serum: Nutriage Eye Complex
    • SPF: Tizo Ultra (untinted)
1x Dermo28 Sampler Sachet Package: Comfort Line* (for sensitive skin and all skin types)
    • Cleanser: Gentle Milk
    • Toner: Gentle Toner
    • Mask: Vital Mask
    • Serum: Recovery Complex
    • Moisturizer: Recovery Cream
    • Eye Serum: Gentle Eye Cream
    • SPF: Tizo Ultra (untinted) 

Dermaplaning Pro Kit

($612 Value)

30x 10R Dermaplaning Blades
1x Reusable Dermaplaning Handle
Dermo28 Products (Retail Size) (for all skin types and anti-aging)
    • Cleanser: Hydrolatte
    • Toner: Hydrotonic
    • Mask: Vital Mask
    • Serum: Recovery Complex
    • Moisturizer: Crema Soffice
    • Eye Serum: Gentle Eye Cream
    • SPF: Tizo Ultra (untinted)

*The sachet selection you are sent depends on availability. While we do our best to match the shown kit exactly, substitutions for the same product type may be made. You will still get cleanser, toner, mask, serum, moisturizer, eye serum, and SPF but the one(s) you receive may be different than the ones listed.

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Course Content

Dermaplaning Theory

• What is Dermaplaning?
• Physiology of the Skin
• Health & Safety
• Indications & Contraindications
• Hand and Seat Positioning
• Expert Consultations
• Dermaplaning FAQs
• Product Knowledge and Ingredients

Video Demonstrations

• Practice on a Peach
• Self-Practice
• Dermaplaning with a Facial
• Dermaplaning Mature Skin
• Dermaplaning with a Chemical Peel

Practice on a Peach

• Hands-on instruction to practice Dermaplaning 


• Hands-on practice on your own thigh and knee

Procedure with a Facial

• Full Video Demonstration with Instructions
• Pre-cleanse
• Degreasing
• Dermaplaning for each part of the face
• Facial Protocol
• Product Recommendations

Procedure for Mature Skin

• Full Step-by-Step Video Demonstration
• Key Differentiators
• Procedure Protocol

Procedure with a Chemical Peel*

• Full Video Demonstration
• Key Differentiators
• Procedure Protocol
• *Only apply chemical peel if formally trained
• After Care


How Long is the Dermaplaning Procedure?

A dermaplaning appointment usually takes around 30 minutes; however, it can take longer if coupled with another procedure such as a chemical peel.

How Often Should I Schedule My Clients for Dermaplaning?

The frequency of dermaplaning treatments can vary depending on the individual's needs, but most experts recommend receiving the treatment once every 4 weeks to achieve optimum anti-aging benefits. For the removal of facial hair, dermaplaning can be performed every 4-6 weeks.

What Clients Should You Avoid Doing Dermaplaning For?

One of the many benefits of dermaplaning is that it is safe for all skin types. However, there are a few clients you should avoid dermaplaning for:

- Avoid clients who have used Accutane in the past 6 months or are currently using it. The reason being is that Accutane makes the skin very thin and sensitive. Dermaplaning will cause their skin to become irritated and could lead to scarring.

- Avoid clients who have active cold sores or warts around the mouth. Dermaplaning can cause the virus to spread and make the situation worse.

- Avoid clients who have been sunburned within the last week. Their skin will be too sensitive and could get easily irritated.

Following these simple guidelines can provide a safe and effective service for all your clients.

Will Your Clients' Hair Grow Back Thicker and Darker?

One of the most common questions clients ask about dermaplaning is whether their hair will grow back thicker and darker after the treatment. Although it's understandable to be concerned about this, there's no need to worry. Dermaplaning simply removes the top layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face, so it has no effect on the root of the hair follicle. This means the hair will grow back at the same rate and texture. If a client complains that they feel their hair growing back thicker, advise them that this is because the hair feels sharper than before because it was cut and the hair now has a blunt end, but it is not actually thicker. In some cases, clients may notice that their hair appears finer after dermaplaning because there's no longer any built-up debris for the hair to cling to.

Who are the Best Dermaplaning Clients?

Dermaplaning can be performed on all skin types, but it is particularly beneficial for clients with dull, dry skin or those struggling with excess peach fuzz. The treatment is quick and painless, although some clients may experience temporary redness or sensitivity after the procedure. Men can also benefit from dermaplaning, although they typically have the service performed around their facial hair and the beard and upper lip areas are avoided.

A closer look at the Dermaplaning course.

Course Length

4 hours total
• Theory: 1 hour
• Hands-on: 3 hours

Get Certified

Through on-demand videos, before and after submissions and theory quizzes, our online courses award you a certificate so you can pursue your dream of becoming an accredited dermaplaning technician.

• Internationally recognized
• Electronic certificate (PDF)

Video-Based Learning

• On-demand
• Lifetime access
• Designed for a busy lifestyle to fit neatly into any schedule
• Thorough and detailed
• Hands-on and not too long
• Search for words and phrases in the videos

Instructor Support

• Email Support
• Help when you need it
• Feedback when you want it

Accredited College

• North American Private Career College
• Regulated by the Ministry of Education
• Over a decade in the industry
• Thousands trained
• Three campuses
• Over 50 faculty members


• English, Français, and Español Subtitles

"This course gave me the knowledge and confidence to get to where I am at now. I am very happy and pleased with how amazing this course was!"

- Skylar, International Beauty Institute Graduate

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mary Jane Tanjusay
Dermaplanning online course

Love this course. It’s easy to follow the instructions. Love it

Hello Mary Jane! We're thrilled you loved your Dermaplaning course! Thank you so much for leaving your feedback. If you ever need anything now or down the road, our instructors are happy to help! Feel free to reach out anytime :) - Melissa | International Beauty Institute

manmeet samra


Sarita Wallace
Very Informative

I gained a lot of knowledge from this course. I feel very prepared to start offering this service in my practice.

Hello Sarita, we're so glad you enjoyed your course and feel prepared! Thank you for leaving us a review :) - Melissa | International Beauty Institute

Edy Burden
Loved the class !

I will say that i have not done a model to obtain my certification yet BUT! I did finish the class ! I loved it !!! It was very very educational with a lot of good points ! It also gives you the forms you need for your clients and the price of the class includes the cost of your products.! Highly recommend! I’m actually going to take more classes with them ! If your second guessing and unsure ?!! This is your sign! Buy the class! It’s worth it ! I also love the fact that you have to send in two pics to verify you know what your doing before your certification comes!

Hello Edy, thank you for your glowing review!! We're thrilled you enjoyed your course so much. If there's anything we can ever assist you with, please don't hesitate to reach out to your support instructors. We're always happy to help! - Melissa | International Beauty Institute

Very detailed

I learned very easily, I was afraid to do online at first. However, this coarse was explained very detailed. I am very satisfied. The videos were a great help. I'm also pleased that I was able to look back at the links to refresh my memory. Thank you so much.

Hi Isabelle! We're so glad you found the course so detailed and well explained. Thank you for leaving a review! - Melissa | International Beauty Institute