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Introduction to CoolSculpting Certificate

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International Beauty Institute is proud to deliver a well-rounded professional online Certificate program in CoolSculpting. Get ahead of other medical estheticians by taking this advanced training certificate. 

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for estheticians, medical estheticians, cosmetologists, doctors and nurses working or wanting to work in a clinic that offers CoolSculpting. It is also ideal for business owners considering offering CoolSculpting at their own practice. 

This course will prepare you to:

  • Explain how CoolSculpting works
  • Know who is a good candidate
  • Assess each area of the body
  • Take follow up photos for post treatment results
  • Demonstrate practical application techniques

Upon successful completion you will receive an internationally recognized College Certificate from us at International Beauty Institute. We're an accredited and award-winning* career college. Our certificates are valid in the USA and Canada.

*2019 Training Academy of the Year - Ontario Hair & Beauty Awards 

Students will also learn advanced knowledge techniques, and tools used in environments that offer CoolSculpting such as:

  • The history of CoolSculpting
  • The science behind CoolSculpting
  • Phone call script and FAQ
  • Face to face CoolSculpting talk track
  • Client expectations
  • Patient hand off sheet
  • Body contouring consultation guide
  • Retailing CoolSculpting
  • The GASP approach to patient consultation
  • CoolSculpting pricing for single treatments
  • CoolSculpting pricing for packages
  • Patient preparation, pictures and applicator placement
  • Applicator preparation: CoolAdvantage, CoolAdvantage Petite, CoolAdvantage Plus, CoolSmooth PRO & CoolMini
  • Client assessment and markings for: Abdomen, Banana Roll, Distal Thigh, Flanks and Bra Fat, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Sub- mental Area, Upper arm and Chin
  • Post treatment massage
  • Treatment Completion and post-care
  • Importance of RF treatments in following weeks

What is CoolSculpting?

Many clients are considering a ”nonsurgical” and “no down time” option as opposed to plastic surgery to reduce fat. 

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical, fat reduction treatment that treats stubborn pockets of fat that we cannot get rid of through diet or exercise. This technology uses a controlled cooling temperature and vacuum applicator that targets and destroys 25% of unwanted fat cells. In the weeks to follow your body naturally eliminates these dead cells, which are gone for good.

How this Course Works

  1. Enroll in your course
        Get instant access and learn on your own schedule
  2. Watch all video training
        Pause, rewind, revisit - you'll have lifetime access to your training
  3. Complete all quizzes
        Anchor in your knowledge and reach out to our instructors anytime
  4. Get your internationally recognized certificate
        Show your growth and level up your career

Format: Online. Video-based. Self-paced.
This course is quick, convenient, video-based and all online. Go at your own pace and easily fit it into your busy schedule. There's no deadline to complete your course.

Course Length: 4 hours
3 hours theory. 1 hour quizzes and testing.

Course Materials:
Upon purchase, you'll be emailed a link to your Student Portal within a few minutes. You’ll get lifetime access to your course materials and ongoing support.

Course Requirements:

To achieve a certificate, a student must:

  • Watch all video trainings
  • Successfully complete all quizzes*

*Quizzes can be repeated as many times as needed to achieve a perfect score. There are no deadlines to complete the course or submit quizzes. 


  • This course was developed, produced, and created by CoolSculpting® and Allergan 
  • Subtitles (CC) in English and French.

Student Benefits

Internationally Recognized College Certificate
Show your growth and level up your career. Receive an internationally recognized certificate from International Beauty Institute. We’re a registered and accredited college that has certified thousands of beauty professionals over the last decade. Certificates valid in the US and Canada.

Lifetime Instructor Support from International Beauty Institute
Courses include additional expert support from trained instructors at International Beauty Institute.

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  • Pay over time, without penalty
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  • No applications or credit checks
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Quick and Convenient
It takes just four hours to complete this self-paced and hands-on program. 

Lifetime Access
Go back and refresh your skills whenever and wherever. There's no expiry on our courses!

Get Future Course Updates
Grow with us! We're passionate about education and continually updating our industry knowledge. We happily pass that knowledge onto you through with our ongoing course updates. 

Video Subtitles (CC)
All videos have CC subtitles to help you read along.
Languages: English, French

Keyword Search Function
Quickly search for a keyword or phrase in any video.

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Learn how to identify and treat various concerns surrounding areas of the body with stubborn fat. Using the CoolSculpting method, you will learn the knowledge to explain how CoolSculpting works, the science behind CoolSculpting, how to get the best results with CoolSculpting, how to perform a CoolSculpting consultation, CoolSculpting photography protocols, why the front desk is integral for generating high sales, and how the treatment day and patient follow-up should run.

  • The Science Behind CoolSculpting Technology
  • Introduction to the CoolSculpting System
  • Clinical Considerations for the CoolSculpting Procedure
  • Treatment to Transformation
  • The Value of the Front Desk
  • The CoolSculpting Consultation
  • Treatment Day and Patient Follow-Up
  • CoolSculpting Photography Protocols

A thorough understanding of how the different types of applicators should be prepared. Learn the professional supplies needed to perform CoolSculpting. 

  • CoolSmooth PRO™ Applicator Preparation and Treatment Supplies
  • CoolMini® Applicator Preparation and Treatment Supplies
  • CoolAdvantage™ Applicator Portfolio Preparation and Treatment Supplies

Learn how to identify and treat various concerns. Learn assessment and marking for the abdomen, flanks and bra fat, the submental area (double chin), distal thigh, outer thigh, inner thigh, upper arm, and banana roll all shown through video demonstration.

  • Introduction to Patient Assessment
  • Assessment and Marking of the Distal Thigh
  • Assessment and Marking of the Outer Thigh
  • Assessment and Marking of the Inner Thigh
  • Assessment and Marking of the Upper Arm
  • Assessment and Marking of the Banana Roll
  • Assessment and Marking of the Flanks and Bra Fat
  • Assessment & Marking of the Abdomen
  • Assessment and Marking of the Submental Area

You will learn how to prepare the client for their CoolSculpting treatment. Each area of the body has multiple applicator options. Learn to prepare the patient and place each type of applicator for the corresponding body part to ensure the effectiveness of the CoolSculpting treatment.   

  • Treatment Preparation for the Abdomen (CoolAdvantage™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Abdomen (CoolAdvantage Petite™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Abdomen (CoolAdvantage Plus™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Abdomen (CoolSmooth PRO™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Banana Roll (CoolAdvantage™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Banana Roll (CoolAdvantage Petite™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Distal Thigh (CoolMini® Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Flanks and Bra Fat (CoolAdvantage™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Flanks and Bra Fat (CoolAdvantage Petite™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Flanks and Bra Fat (CoolAdvantage Plus™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Inner Thigh (CoolAdvantage™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Inner Thigh (CoolAdvantage Petite™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Submental Area (CoolMini® Applicator)
  • Upper Arm Preparation and Placement (CoolAdvantage™ Applicator)
  • Treatment Preparation for the Upper Arm (CoolAdvantage Petite™ Applicator)
  • Outer Thigh Preparation and Placement (CoolSmooth PRO™ Applicator)

Learn how to complete the CoolSculpting treatment for maximum effectiveness. Learn how to clean the CoolSculpting applicators properly to maintain the integrity of the machine.

  • Treatment Completion and Post-Care with the CoolAdvantage™ Applicator Portfolio
  • Treatment Completion and Post-Care with the CoolMini® Applicator
  • Treatment Completion and Post-Care with the CoolSmooth PRO™ Applicator
  • Applicator Cleaning and Care

Download and use quick reference guides and intake forms to ensure quality results and consistent service without having to memorize every fine detail. 

  • Patient Package Pricing
  • Patient Intake Form - Female
  • Patient Intake Form - Male
  • Treatment Planning Form
  • Treat to Complete Guide
  • Patient Consultation Form
  • Quick Reference Guide Photography Protocol
  • Photography Release Form
  • Dual CoolSculpting Procedure Training Guide
  • Submental Training Guide
  • Inner Thigh Training Guide
  • Distal Thigh Training Guide
  • Bra Fat Training Guide
  • Flank Training Guide
  • Upper Arm Training Guide
  • Banana Roll Training Guide
  • Patient Assessment Guide
  • CoolSmoothPRO Outer Thigh Procedure Training Guide
  • CoolSmoothPRO Abdomen Procedure Training Guide
  • CoolAdvantage Abdomen Procedure Training Guide

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of our courses, all courses are non-refundable.

If you have any issues with your order, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will assess each case on its own merits.

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