Becoming a Top-Notch Eyebrow Technician: Your Ultimate Guide

You see, just like Cinderella needed her fairy godmother to get ready for the ball, our faces need skilled eyebrow technicians to highlight their natural beauty. We're talking about artists who understand the power of angles and arches, hair removal techniques that don't leave you red-faced or with unsightly bumps but rather celebrate beautiful definitions!

In this journey together, we'll discover key skills professional techs require - from understanding different facial structures to mastering advanced training courses on eyebrow services.

The magic wand is at play here...Ready?

An eyebrow technician measuring a client’s brows

How to Become an Eyebrow Technician

Becoming a professional eyebrow technician involves acquiring essential skills, knowledge, and certification. In the United States, newly trained brow techs make about $20.30 an hour, but earning your esthetician license and advanced eyebrow certificates like eyebrow lamination can double that rate.

Understanding the Brow Technician Role

A brow technician is a beauty expert specializing in enhancing and maintaining clients' brows. They play a crucial role in personal care by shaping eyebrows according to face shape and providing other services like hair removal.

The techniques vary from threading to waxing or tweezing for optimal eyebrow care. But it's not just about removing unwanted hairs; it's also about knowing how to create various brow styles, such as arched or softly angled ones, based on facial structure.

What Do You Need to Be an Eyebrow Technician?

Becoming proficient as an eyebrow tech requires comprehensive training, which often includes courses on different hair removal methods, understanding clients' brow's natural growth patterns, dealing with potential issues such as hair loss, and mastering the art of brow grooming. Eyebrow technicians typically know how to perform various eyebrow services, not just one. They specialize in waxing, shaping, threading, tinting, brow lamination, and even microblading in some cases, however, microblading is not necessary to be considered an eyebrow tech. provides valuable resources, including state cosmetology board contacts, where you can find specific requirements per state.

If you're located in the USA, you would need a license in cosmetology or esthetics first, however, some of our students take a course like a brow lamination and tinting to see if they like doing the services, start a small home business, then choose to pursue their license at a later time. 

If you're located in Canada, only a certificate is required to perform the services in most provinces. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, however, have their licensing system, and a license is required as well as possibly additional certificates if the cosmetology training didn't cover a specialty service like brow lamination, for example. 

Finally, remember that no matter what path you take, pursuing certification and advanced brow tech training is a testament to your commitment to offering eyebrow care at its finest. Your clients will appreciate it as much as your brows do.

Key Takeaway: 

Jumpstart your career as an eyebrow technician by acquiring vital skills, understanding the role, and getting certified. Master techniques like threading, waxing, or tweezing, and learn to style brows based on facial structure. Remember that ongoing training reflects commitment - it boosts earnings potential while delivering top-notch brow care.


The Importance of Online Training for Eyebrow Technicians

Let's cut to the chase: online training is a game-changer. Why? Well, for eyebrow technicians, in particular, it provides several benefits that can't be ignored.

Advantages of Online Training

No need to fit into someone else's schedule or commute long distances. You have flexibility and freedom at your fingertips. Literally.

Besides convenience, cost-effectiveness makes online training shine, too. Remember how many salons offer certification classes in eyebrow threading and waxing? Now, some even offer these as online courses. Yes, you heard right.

Last but not least - resources galore. With an abundance of course material available 24/7 on the internet cloud (no risk of losing notes.), you get comprehensive coverage like never before.

Choosing the Right Online Course

Moving onto another crucial aspect: choosing wisely from among those attractive-looking brow technician training options crowding up your screen.

A well-structured course should make sure its content aligns with key industry standards while offering interactive elements to keep things engaging and real-world relevant.

Credentials matter, too. For instance, finding out if graduates are recognized by state cosmetology boards or can take certification exams might help seal your decision about which path will let you reach your career goals more efficiently.

In essence: "Learning comes alive when we use our fingers," said Mark Zuckerberg once - he was probably referring to coding, but hey, this works equally well for mastering the art of eyebrow grooming, too.

Friendly tip: "You don't have to be great to start, but have to be great."

Key Takeaway: Online training for eyebrow technicians is a real game-changer, offering flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and abundant resources. Picking the right course requires considering industry standards alignment, interactivity, and recognized credentials. Remember: learning happens at your fingertips and remember to tap into communities like SPCP for extra guidance.


Key Techniques in Eyebrow Shaping and Hair Removal

The Art of Eyebrow Shaping

To create the perfect brow shape, understanding different face types is key. The aim here is to complement natural beauty by creating a balance between facial structure and brow style. A round face might suit arched brows for definition, while an hourglass shape can look stunning with softly angled brows.

High arch or straight brow? That's where your expertise as an eyebrow technician comes into play. With professional training courses that cover these techniques, you'll learn how to groom each client's brows uniquely.

Threading vs. Waxing vs. Tweezing

Beyond shaping eyebrows lies hair removal—a crucial part of defining those perfectly shaped eyebrows. Eyebrow threading uses cotton thread to remove unwanted hairs from their follicle base without tugging at sensitive skin—great for delicate areas around the eyes.

Eyebrow waxing, on the other hand, swiftly removes larger sections of hair all at once, making it efficient but potentially more uncomfortable than threading. If precision is what you're after, though, tweezers let you pick out individual unwanted hairs one by one - ideal for achieving defined brows.

Certification testing during training courses includes practical exams in threading and waxing, among others, because they are integral skills needed by professional eyebrow techs today.

Note: Consider your client’s comfort when deciding which technique suits them best.

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Enhancing Brows with Tinting and Microblading

Mastering the art of eyebrow enhancement requires a deep understanding of advanced techniques such as tinting and microblading. These methods can dramatically alter the appearance of brows, providing an instant lift to your client's facial features.

The Power of Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is like magic for those with light or sparse brows. By depositing semi-permanent dye onto brow hairs, this method gives depth and fullness to even the thinnest arches. But remember, results vary based on individual hair growth cycles, so ensure clients know that tints typically last three to six weeks.

Tints come in various shades, which lets you match them perfectly with your client's hair color or create a bold contrast if desired.

The Precision of Microblading

Microblading involves creating small incisions in the skin using tattoo-grade ink, which fills out thinning eyebrows or completely reconstructs lost ones due to conditions like alopecia (hair loss). This is a more challenging technique that requires constant upgrading of skill and technique, so if you're looking for something more simple, stick to waxing, threading, brow laminations, and tinting. However, if you're passionate about eyebrows and are looking for a challenge that will bring in high-paying clients, consider microblading technician and machine ombre brows as services to add.

This technique offers long-lasting results; however, it’s important to note that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve any color additives for permanent makeup or tattoo-grade ink used in microblading. Henceforth, ensuring high-quality products is crucial for both safety and satisfactory outcomes.

Key Takeaway: 

Getting good at brow enhancement involves knowing your way around complex methods such as tinting and microblading. Tinting can take light or thin brows to the next level, adding depth and fullness, while microblading is a great long-term fix for eyebrows that are losing thickness. But being an outstanding brow technician isn't just about skill – you've also got to know face shapes inside out because it's crucial for creating natural-looking brows.

Building a Successful Career as a Brow Technician

The world of brow technicians is challenging and rewarding. But, building a successful career in this field takes more than just technical skills; it also requires strategic planning and dedicated efforts to find employment opportunities.

Finding Employment Opportunities

To initiate a successful career, one must seek out salons that provide eyebrow services. This begins by seeking out salons that offer eyebrow services. Many job-search sites like can help you land those initial leads for jobs as brow techs. 

Once you know where you'd like to work, look at the services they offer and learn those services. Most employers won't hire you if you only know how to do one service, like waxing, for example. They want an employee who can perform a variety of services so they can bring in more clients for their business.

Networking events are another valuable avenue for connecting with potential employers or clients. It's all about making the right connections at these gatherings - remember, even if someone isn't looking for hiring right now, they might be in the future. If you meet someone who could be a potential employer and the conversation goes well, get their name and email and send a friendly email the following day along with your resume. 

You'll consider joining professional organizations too. For instance, if you're taking a microblading course, becoming part of an association like the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) not only provides credibility but gives access to resources such as training workshops and networking events.

TIP: To dramatically increase your chances of getting an interview, always tweak your resume to put the key skills and qualifications relevant to that employer near the beginning. Employers look at a resume for an average of 6-8 seconds, so you want to put the information they're looking for near the top. If you have any retail selling performance results, such as monthly retail sales or percentages of improvements, be sure to include those as employers love an employee who can sell their products and drive additional revenue to their business.

Growing Your Client Base

Beyond finding employment opportunities, though, is attracting clients, which can be achieved through various strategies, including offering excellent customer service and staying updated on the latest trends in eyebrow care. International Beauty Institute offers all of its students tutorials on how to get your first paying clients fast. 

Digital Presence

In today's digital age, having an attractive website where prospective customers can see examples of your work will significantly boost their interest levels. There are tools available online, such as BizNameWiz, to help you come up with a catchy business name and establish your online presence.

For building a professional website, we highly recommend Wix for its ease of use, customization capabilities, and mobile optimization. 

Ensure to set up a professional Instagram page for your business. When selecting your business name, check to make sure it's available across your chosen social platforms, too. You want it to be consistent across all platforms.

Set up a Google My Business profile and generate reviews as soon as possible. Even if you're a home-based business, you can set up what's called a "service region", which means you don't have to put your home address on Google to enjoy all the benefits like organic search clients discovering you, increasing your credibility and trust through reviews, and opting into paid services and SEO strategies to help you rank #1 on Google.

Reviews are very important, so ask every client you have a good experience with for a review. If this makes you uncomfortable in the beginning, that's completely normal. Consider offering them an incentive like 10% off their subsequent treatment to increase the number of reviews you get and to feel like you're giving something in exchange for your request.

To fast-track your success on Google, you can consider hiring a Google Maps directory service to rank you for top keywords in your area. These typically cost $140/month, including taxes, and often promise to get you somewhere in the top 3 spots for a targeted keyword within three months or your money back. Being in the top three spots matters, and being in the top 1 spot matters more. 

Before investing in a service like this, ensure you have your business fundamentals set up" an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website and professional Instagram with at least nine high-quality posts on it, and that you're posting on social at least once per week on feed and even more on your stories. 

Remember, as a business owner, servicing clients is just 50% of the job. The other 50% is getting clients. You do this by spending time learning marketing, which is the #1 skill you should learn next to the service itself. 

International Beauty Institute offers business and marketing support in all of its online courses, as helping entrepreneurs build their businesses is a core mission.

An eyebrow technician showcases IBI’s basic kit.

An eyebrow technician can assist in brow lamination

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FAQs about Eyebrow Technicians

What is an eyebrow tech called?

An eyebrow tech, a brow technician or esthetician, specializes in shaping and enhancing eyebrows.

What certification do you need to do eyebrows?

In the USA, to professionally shape and tint brows, you'll likely need a license from your state's Board of Cosmetology. Some states may also require specific certifications for eyebrow threading or microblading. In Canada, only a certificate is required in most provinces (except for NS and NB).

What are the responsibilities of a brow technician?

Brow technicians maintain clients' brows through waxing, eyebrow tweezing, brow lamination, tinting, or microblading. They advise on the best shapes based on face structure and keep their workspace sanitized.

What is a brow therapist?

A brow therapist refers to someone who focuses not only on physical appearance but also considers clients' overall well-being while performing services like shaping, grooming and coloring eyebrows.

How can I become a certified brow technician?

The first step is researching your region's regulations, then research reputable courses. An easy place to start is by taking an online brow lamination and tinting course where you can learn two coveted techniques in one convenient course. Take the course and complete the submissions and course requirements to achieve your certificate and become an eyebrow technician.

An eyebrow technician showcases IBI’s basic kit.

An eyebrow technician can use our basic kit to help clients


Becoming an eyebrow technician is a journey filled with learning, practicing, and mastering the art of brows. You've got this.

Online training gives you flexibility while equipping you with essential skills. Make sure to choose wisely and be consistent in your learning. Your efforts will pay off.

Remember how important understanding different face shapes is for shaping eyebrows perfectly. And don't forget those hair removal techniques - threading, waxing or tweezing – each has its place!

You can also learn advanced brow-enhancing methods like microblading and ombre brows that can transform a client's look completely!

Invest time and resources in your business fundamentals, like building a website, social presence, and Google reviews, if you're running your business. Research and network with employers and align your skill sets to meet the company's needs to improve your chances of getting hired.

The final step? Building a successful career as an eyebrow tech by finding job opportunities or creating them yourself! It's time to apply your knowledge in the actual world!

Do you want to join our eyebrow courses?

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