A Proper Skin Routine That Will Last You a Lifetime

I recently took a selfie with one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in months, and as we looked at the photo, she commented on how her acne is reappearing because she’s been stressed. At 28, I haven’t thought about acne for a good 10 years, but my friend was increasingly self-conscious about her skin; she edited the photo to blur her acne and posted it.

Adult acne is nothing to be ashamed of, as good skincare is a lifelong labor of love and continually evolves with age. Proper skincare increases a sense of confidence and creates a positive self-reassurance to put your best face (literally) forward.

A good skin routine must stem from knowing what type of skin you have, whether it’s oily, combination, dry and everything in between. A skin care professional can guide you in the proper direction for the best skin care routine as they are professionally trained to analyze and chart your skin. Amongst properly analyzing your skin type, they are also trained in facials, adult acne treatments, extraction and implements, ingredient and product knowledge, and wound healing. A skin-care specialist enables their clients to elevate themselves to the best version of themselves while providing ongoing skin care advice for the future.

Amongst other factors contributing to having great skin, such as a healthy diet, good genes and exposure to copious amount of sunlight, a regimented skin routine is one of the easier elements that you can control. A skin care professional, among guiding you in the proper skin care routine, can also detect serious skin defects such as eczema, can help erase scar treatment and other skin damage, and can direct you to long-term solutions. It is crucial to see a skin professional as you get older, as skin loses elasticity and collagen and does not recover as fast as when you were in your teens. Consulting a specialist will only further your skin care knowledge and enable you to start a permanent routine appropriate for your skin type.

A good routine maintains your skin looking glowing and youthful because as you get older, skin cells shed more slowly, making your skin tarnished and dull. If you maintain a regimented skin routine, the products can help remove old cells and replace them with youthful cells; the more disciplined you are with a skin routine, the better your skin will feel and look at an older age. My skin does not feel the same as it did when I was 18, nor will feel the same as when I will be 38, but the older I get the more I rely on a proper skin routine even if it’s just using moisturizer and cleanser before going to bed. There are people that I have seen in their 80’s that have better skin than some in their 50’s, and I hope I am on the same path.

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